Why Stream Live?

While there are a tremendous amount of reasons to use live streaming here are just a couple.  I hope this helps to answer the question!

Help First Time Visitors Feel More Welcome
Church online makes a huge difference in the life of a first time visitor. Studies show that the majority of people visit a new church at the invitation of a friend. However, pastors tell us that they also see a marked increase in visitation because of church online access. You may ask, “Why would people go to a service when they can watch it from the comfort of their own home?” Because no matter how hard we try, we won’t ever be able to relay the entire church experience going on in another location. But, we come very close to doing just that. So much so, we find that those who are able to visit a church before they actually step foot inside are equally excited about longtime membership. Why? Because vLife offers a comparatively excellent online experience. With that experience people get a chance to see what they can expect. With this newfound comfort level, the visitor feels compelled to venture beyond home and meet their new church family.

Close The Back Door
Pastors often get discouraged when people come for a visit to their church and don’t come back. Studies within our company show that after broadcasting online for a given time, church membership often goes up. Where confident to report that visitors stay past the first visit more frequently. One of our pastors in particular was very curious about his influx of membership. He was so curious he did his own market research, he asked a visitor how they found his church. The person was happy to say that they had been watching his services online for several weeks. Indeed it took them that long to make the commitment to come to the church in person but there’s one big thing that matters here, they came. And that’s the story you want. You want a growing church that uses every avenue available to bless and touch people. You want what every pastor wants, a new visitor that transitions into a life-long member.

Increase Weekly Giving
With church online there’s no reason to be intimidated by the dreaded “summer slump,” nasty weather conditions, or the business trips and getaways of your members. vLife’s online donation capabilities are so easy to use any viewer can give their support from anywhere in the world. Giving is just a few clicks away. Viewers choose the donation tab provided on the screen at any time during the service to give their tithe and offerings. It’s just that simple. Thankfully this feature helps eliminate the dips in giving that many churches experience when life makes it difficult for people to attend service in person. Sadly, when people miss church often their inability to give in that moment is never recouped. Now, people can meet two goals. They can still attend church in extraordinary circumstances and, they can never miss a beat in their commitment to give.

Connect With Members Like Never Before
Pastors who use our online chat and prayer feature have discovered something amazing. People are often more open and willing to ask for prayer and advice because of the relative anonymity of the web. Privacy can never be underestimated. And while members may have been regular attendees for years, they may also be too shy to come up and ask for help. Pastors have clued into this emergent trend. With the chat feature they can connect to the audience via a moderator that will pray and counsel the viewer with tremendous care and personal attention. This is a new connection with people they never imagined they could cultivate. And, with the use of the world’s most popular social network tools, Facebook and Twitter, login links provided on the screen help members build lasting relationships with each other. It can be intimidating to make new friends as it’s hard to initiate that first conversation. However, online conversation isn’t so scary. Members report that their online friendships grow to new levels when plans are made to attend the same Sunday school class or community group together. Happily, it was the chat was what opened the door.

The Short List
In addition to all of the things just listed here are a few more things that may not have crossed your mind.  vLife Media’s online broadcast and video archiving services will help your ministry:
– Create a sense of community online
– Build word-of-mouth buzz around your ministry’s message
– Keep track of website visitors
– Engage people on your website for longer durations
– Cater to the elderly and those confined to the home by letting them attend church online
– Increase the number of people your ministry can reach by transforming your website into a virtual media hub

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