Attract More Viewers: Best Practices for Church Streaming/Internet Campus Part 1

Looking for ways to attract more viewers to your Internet Campus?       As part of my job, I look at a lot of church websites and their streaming solutions. Last week, I browsed through the websites of several of the largest churches in a particular denomination, looking specifically for their video solution. To my surprise, I found that … Continue reading

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Using live streaming to reach the elderly

While working on the last blog post I found out that the Oklahoma Baptist Messenger (Oklahoma’s third largest newspaper) had published a story about the same outreach.  I want to post a link if anyone is interested in ready more about it.  It’s entitled – South Tulsa aurs service to Seniors and you can read it here.

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Is this the most innovative use of live video streaming by a church?

How Churches Can Easily Reach a Fast Growing Demographic: the Elderly        Ask any pastor who their target audience is and many would say “everyone”.  However, as every marketer will tell you, if you aim for nothing in particular, you’ll be sure to hit it.  I believe that most churches want to reach young people, whether they verbalize … Continue reading

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Live Streaming Your Service During Inclement Weather

One of our clients – pastor Ted Kersh from South Tulsa Baptist Church recently wrote an article, about using live streaming during an ice storm.  It’s very exciting to see an Internet Campus allowing a church to stay connected with their member when they would be otherwise unable to attend. I have copied the full article below and have included … Continue reading

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Online Giving and the Internet Campus – what is the connection?

Money, Money, Money.  It’s time we talked about the economics of the online church work.   Businesses determine cost effectiveness with simple math and a cost benefit analysis. With non-profits, however, the cost benefit analysis is far more complicated.  After all, churches follow a spiritual leader who taught that it’s ok to leave the 99 to expend time and effort … Continue reading

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Easter Internet Church Attendance – Is there anything to learn from the numbers?

Easter is awesome.  I grew up in Eastern Europe and when it came to holidays, Easter easily beat Christmas.  Although Easter doesn’t have the same appeal in the U.S. as other holy days, it’s still the highest traditional church attendance day of the year. I’m always excited to celebrate Easter, but this year I was rather excited about the day … Continue reading

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Beyond the Internet Campus: Part 2

Beyond the Internet Campus: Part 2 Why Don’t Churches Have a Spiritual Conversion Strategy for their Internet Campuses?   In my last post, I questioned the absence of next-steps for Internet Churches. My first theory for this is that many pastors view Online Church only as an outreach strategy, a tool to reach new people and serve existing members.  They … Continue reading

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Beyond the Internet Campus: What’s next in the Church Online Experience?

I must admit up front that I like talking about the future. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a knack for being able to see things before they happen.   My wife might disagree here—and she is correct about most things.  For example, I can never predict how fast we will run out of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream.  … Continue reading

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