Attract More Viewers: Best Practices for Church Streaming/Internet Campus Part 1

Looking for ways to attract more viewers to your Internet Campus?





As part of my job, I look at a lot of church websites and their streaming solutions. Last week, I browsed through the websites of several of the largest churches in a particular denomination, looking specifically for their video solution. To my surprise, I found that most churches aren’t maximizing their online video.


I often get asked how churches can get more people to watch their live stream and sermon archive. While I believe that each ministry needs to analyze its unique goals and audience, there are a few basic principles that can help churches attract more viewers and build their online audience.


The most important principle is:


Attract More Viewers by Making Your Internet Campus Easy to Find  


A basic website principle is that you lose 10% of traffic with each additional click and 20%-30% with each registration form. With those odds, the live stream/on-demand media on your website must be easy to find. Reduce the amount of clicks it takes users to find what they’re looking for and you increase traffic retention, thus overall traffic.


Let’s consider the typical church website audience. Usually you have new people who want to find out who you are, where you’re located and what you’re like. (I recommend a specific new visitor section for this audience, but that’s a topic for another post.) A live stream is one of the best ways to show new people who you are and the culture of its leadership and the way the Good News is conveyed. Once a person becomes familiar with you by watching your complete service online, it’s much easier for them to come in person.


The other people who come to your website are people who already know who you are.  What are their needs?  They usually want to find some information about events, or they want new/relevant content. Your Internet Campus and sermon archive would clearly be at the top of the new content list.


3 Simple Ways to Make your Internet Campus Easy to Find:


1.      Add a Countdown

For many of the church websites I visit, there’s nothing on the home page that gives me immediate access to the live stream. A countdown to the next live event on the very top of the website attracts attention and sparks curiosity to get that next click.


2.      Feature the Internet Campus as the home page on Sunday mornings

For churches that do live streaming, I suggest making the website redirect everyone to the Internet Campus during services. This may seem a little radical, but that is the #1 reason most website visitors come to your website on Sunday morning. If your online church experience is well-designed, visitors will immediately realize that they can donate, ask for prayer, or connect with other believers in chat. If you’re not sure, just try it for the next 30 days, and compare your before and after traffic.


3.      Add a subdomain

Create an easy-to-remember URL that you can advertise and people can remember. Something like or Branding the Internet Campus subdomain and plastering it everywhere your live stream is mentioned is especially important if you don’t redirect your home page on Sunday.



Putting these three simple steps in place to attract more viewers will set you up for Part 2 in this series.


I’m curious to know if you’ve tried any of those suggestions before? If so, what did you find? What other slam-dunk ideas can you add to this list? Please share below.


Next Up: How to Promote your Live Stream and Sermon Archive. 



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