Live Streaming Your Service During Inclement Weather

One of our clients – pastor Ted Kersh from South Tulsa Baptist Church recently wrote an article, about using live streaming during an ice storm.  It’s very exciting to see an Internet Campus allowing a church to stay connected with their member when they would be otherwise unable to attend.

I have copied the full article below and have included a link in the bottom if you want to visit the pastor’s blog.


Using Technology for the Glory of God

Monday, January 06, 2014


I love it when the Lord reminds us of His power and His sovereignty. Like so many I woke up this past Sunday morning to snow, ice and a brutally cold day. Being the preacher I am I said, “Well, praise the Lord.” No to be very honest I did not say that at all. My first thought was, well this is going to kill church attendance today.


But I was wrong. I was so proud of our people as many of them made their way to church through the cold air and the “frozen tundra”. But there were a lot of our folks who were unable to be with us. And I really am not giving them a hard time.  Wither you came to church or stayed home is not my concern.


I just want to praise the Lord for technology. We were able to get the word out that we were going to have the worship services. But if people felt they needed to stay home then they could watch us live on-line. This is the cool part. Over 500 compters, ipads and phones tuned it to watch STBC on-line. In fact exactly we had 513 views this past Sunday morning. That will translate to hundreds of people worshipping on-line. I have heard from families about how they gathered around the computer screen to sing, pray and listen to the word of God being taught.


This brings me to say “Praise the Lord for technology.” I know that many use technology for sin and many use it just to waste time. But there are some amazing ways to use technology for the glory of God. We now have over 6000 downloads of our church app. On that app are devotionals. There are ways to read through the Bible. There are opportunities to memorize scripture. Our leaders can contact their small groups. We even have committed decisions made through the internet. I really do praise the Lord for technology.


Every morning I read several devotionals off of the internet. Each day I use my computer to do sermon preparation. There is not a day that goes by that I do not use technology in ministry.


Let me encourage you to find all kinds of ways to use your computers for the glory of God. The scripture tells us that whatever we eat or whatever we drink and whatever we do, we should do it all for His glory. This would include computers.


Praise the Lord we can use technology for His glory.

Here is the link to the blog  Click Here


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