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Jubilee Christian

“We are able to reach so many more than we could have imagined – locally & across the globe. Thank You!”

Jubilee Christian Center, led by pastor Dick Bernal, is the largest non-denominational church in San Jose, California . The original church has 14,000 members, with lesser numbers attending its five "branch" churches. Jubilee is most popular for its launching of the career of Ron Kenoly and its annual Thunder in the Bay conference, which hosts pastors such as Michael Pitts, T. D. Jakes, Paula White and Tudor Bismak. Ron Kenoly has recorded several musical projects as: Jesus is Alive in 1991 and Welcome Home (Ron Kenoly) in 1996. Jubilee Christian Center has used VLife Media’s Internet Campus platform to broadcast live video of their services since 2011.

The Church At (Part-4 Who Do You Reach Online?)

We asked Dr Alex about the reach of video streaming. He told a cool story that had happened recently. We hear this often its surprising who you reach once you being to broadcast your services live.