Live & Online by Easter

Live & Online by Easter

There are people that maybe interested in the gospel of Jesus, but, actually coming to a church service is just too much. They want to be able to check your church it out, without the uncomfortable situation that can be associated with going to a church for the first time. There are others that can’t come because they are shut-in, in the military or on vacation for spring break. Whether you are wanting to take your service(s) live for the first time, or simply need a better live online experience, vLife can help you minister the way you want to! We are excited that you are wanting to reach people, no matter where they are. We think you’ll find the quality of your new online campus refreshing and the process easier than you expected! Fill out the form below and let’s get you started.

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The Church At (Part-4 Who Do You Reach Online?)

We asked Dr Alex about the reach of video streaming. He told a cool story that had happened recently. We hear this often its surprising who you reach once you being to broadcast your services live.