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Experience VLife for Yourself

ExperienceVLife for Yourself

  • Live Campus

    Live Campus

    Great Live Streaming is just the start. Our platform offers Chat, Notes, Social Media Integration and more.

  • Great Mobile Experience

    Great Mobile Experience

    What’s better than an app? Our Live Video works on your viewer’s mobile device, but we also give you a great interface including event countdown, video on demand, chat, mobile giving link< and all without the need to find and install an app.

  • Websites & Apps

    Websites & Apps

    Looking for streaming, but also need some help with your website or needing a custom app? Yes, we do that! Our company can provide you with a complete interactive media solution.

Why aren’t you streaming yet?

By now you have heard how live video can help your church: more first time visitors, better connection with your members, higher online giving. So you must have a good reason why you aren’t doing it yet. Are you are worried that your cameras aren’t good enough? Are you are concerned about developing your online audience? Maybe you aren’t sure you can afford this or where to start? Allow us to help you! We have over 10-year experience helping churches with all their steaming needs and over 18 years helping churches with all their internet needs. We can help with virtually all aspects of setting up your video streaming; from advice on camera and lighting, to website interface integration, monetizing content, strategy and audience development – we do it all!
And now you can experience VLife for yourself. Request your free trial today!

About VLife

To many people, the technology to produce great integrated online experience is too intimidating, or cost prohibitive. That is why we exist as a company. The team at VLife Media aims to provide media tools to Churches, Ministries and Leaders that are highly advanced and yet easy to use and affordable. We want to help your online ministry looks great. We want to help you connect with your online audience, so you can meet their needs for real discipleship and spiritual growth.
Here to provide online excellence in ministry, we seek to build long-term relationships with our clients. To do that, we offer personalized customer service, as we strategically work with our clients to increase their media presence online.


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