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  • 197 % of our clients report higher online giving, more first time visitors and better connection with their members.
  • 2We help you with everything you need – From providing beautiful integration with your website, to helping you connect your cameras and training your volunteers.
  • 3We provide outstanding support whenever you stream live – Yes, we have someone you can talk with and we help you trouble shoot in a matter of minutes.
  • Oh and we give you a free trial so why not give VLife a go?

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  • Live Campus

    Live Campus

    Great Live Streaming is just the start. Our platform offers Chat, Notes, Social Media Integration and more.

  • Great Mobile Experience

    Great Mobile Experience

    What’s better than an app? Our Live Video works on your viewer’s mobile device, but we also give you a great interface including event countdown, video on demand, chat, mobile giving link< and all without the need to find and install an app.

  • Websites & Apps

    Websites & Apps

    Looking for streaming, but also need some help with your website or needing a custom app? Yes, we do that! Our company can provide you with a complete interactive media solution.

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