Mobile Streamimg

Whether on break at work, sitting in an airport or just out of town, our lives can get crazy and being able to connect to a life giving message no matter where we are is now possible though vLife’s Mobile Streaming Services. This solution can simply be added on to your existing Live Internet Service and increase the amount of people that can view a live service. We might not be able to get to a computer, but we can still connect through a phone or tablet (even with non-flash devices such as iphone and ipad).

Archived Media

Our on-demand video services make missing church a thing of the past. Use our automated encoder to archive your services so viewers can view them at their convenience. Easily upload rough files, allow the system to encode them into their proper format, and use the embedding code it provides. Archiving is then fully customizable via thumbnails offering individual services or same series presentations on your own rotation. This is optimal media management. Lastly, engage your viewer’s full attention with customized advertisements and social media integration as a bonus to their on-line experience. vLife Media acknowledges your viewer’s busy and often demanding lifestyles with the ability to find a timely Word specific to their needs whenever they need it.

The Church At (Part-4 Who Do You Reach Online?)

We asked Dr Alex about the reach of video streaming. He told a cool story that had happened recently. We hear this often its surprising who you reach once you being to broadcast your services live.