While our primary goal is to provide feature rich, high quality, affordable services in the live streaming and archived video sectors, we do offer some services in complimentary fields. Take a look below and you may be surprised by the width of what we offer. You may realize that many of your current needs can all be met from a relationship with vLife Media!

Custom Projects

Do you have ideas that you dream about, but have no way of making them happen? We can walk you through the process of thinking through all of the mechanics and fleshing out a blueprint that our programmers to turn into a reality. There is no project too small or too big.


Does the branding or graphic identity of your church need a facelift. Let our expert consultants and graphics team help graphically represent you in a way your church and community can identify with and relate to. Let us help to solidify your mission and vision in a way people can rally around.

Website Design

Our custom built website are designed to determine the best possible flow for your site, offer the tools necessary to communicate clearly and give people the ability to interact in a meaningful way. We will consult in the areas that make a website effective. An artful balance between intuitive navigation, attention grabbing graphics, useful interactive tools and excellent content are all necessary when building the very thing that is, in essence, the front door of you organization. On top of all that we offer an easy to use WYSIWYG editing system, so that you can have control without programming knowledge. That means you can train your grandma and go on vacation:) We even offer a service that transfers all of your initial content to the new site so that you can start off on the right foot and skip the most laborious step in the process. and she will be able to update and make changes to the system. Lastly, if there is anything that you want done that either we don’t offer or is very specific to the internal systems of your ministry, we can program it for you and make it happen. An effective, easy to use, feature rich, eye-popping, professional custom website is only one call or email away. What are you waiting for?

Mobile Apps

As you well know majority of web surfing and search is now happening on mobile devices.  The first step is a fully responsive website but for the best experience you need to provide your audience with a device specific app.  Many of today’s apps are nothing more than a mobile optimized website. This sort of experience makes the apps redundant and they seldom get used. Are you looking for a unique, customized mobile app instead?  Let the VLife team know and our sister company Connect Media Group can help you create a custom tailored experience that will help you engage your audience and keep them connected with your organization.

The Church At (Part-4 Who Do You Reach Online?)

We asked Dr Alex about the reach of video streaming. He told a cool story that had happened recently. We hear this often its surprising who you reach once you being to broadcast your services live.