The days of a good Online School and Training System being cost prohibitive are finally over. This robust LMS (Learning Management Software) system gives the student their own individual login into a learning environment that you create. They can sign up for free or paid classes, watch the class videos, take a quiz and get the immediate results of how they are doing. Their account shows them what videos they have watched, how they have scored, access to the notes they have taken on line and the ability to download any additional material that you provide in the resources section.

Administratively, you can see how each class is progressing and how each individual is tracking through the class. All quizzes are auto-graded so your time can be used to create more great content.
Another use of the same system can be to internally train leaders and volunteers. Imagine the ability give every Children’s worker the same exact introductory training. You can cover all of the issues required by law and your insurance company. If any questions come up you have time, date and grade data available at your defense. You can provide pre-qualify potential small group leaders or give your current ones a continue education opportunity. Does anyone really have too much conflict management training? The possibilities are really endless …

Login & Registration

The success of any school or church always comes down to how the individual is handled. This online school system allows the individual student to keep track of what classes they have completed and how they scored. A Teacher can easily track the progress. The login also has layers of security built in so that administrative access is given only to those with clearance and students will only be able to access those classes or department that their login allows
????The Classroom????
The class room setting allows for classes to be “live video”, “pseudo-live” or “archived”, depending on how you would like to run the class. You can turn on or off any of the tools such as chat room, personalized instant messaging, and ads based on moderator availability or preference. The student also has the ability to download any related material that is provided by the instructor right in the classroom.

E-commerce Integration

Not only can the E-Commerce system handle all of the payments to participate in the classes, it is also a full E-commerce solution that can become a full store. Ask your representative about some full customization options!

Testing & Grading

The quizzes can be a great way to track how your students are doing. The awesome news is that they can be created in minutes in our easy and intuitive system and all grading can be automated.

Moderated Wall

If your classes are scheduled events you might want to consider moderating the event. The Moderator has control of what the live participants can see and what features are “turned on” or “hidden”. He can also control the chat system and if he wants to make any individualized message boards available.

Live & Archived Classes

Previous Text from Live Events – If the need arises where you need to have a class or training live, you are in luck. The system comes with the ability to hold any live events to you wish. This system works the exact same way as our Live Internet Campus Works. If you would like any additional information on this visit that solution and browse the individual features.

Tracking & Reporting

A teacher or administrator can quickly and easily know how an overall class is doing or an individual student. The information that tells you when students log on or off, if they watched the whole video, what video they watch and how they scored is right at your finger tips. Combine this with google analytics and track overall traffic to the site.

Control Panel

From your “Control Panel” (Dashboard), you have all the power to set up new live events, archive past event, switch the server to allow you to broadcast live from a different location, add advertisements, turn off (or on) the chat system and more, all from your laptop. That’s a lot of power, so don’t let it go to your head.

Ad Management

While you have to worry about annoying advertisers bombarding your students with products and services outside of your control, you do have the control internally market whatever you want. Take items like a special event, a new class that has been added, a book or a class t-shirt and advertise right in the virtual classroom.

Automated Encoding

After the class is over and your video editing team has added in the intro and outro and has taken out all unnecessary class elements they need not worry about any special encoding processes. They simply upload the file as is and let our automated encoding system worry about converting the file into a useable format. Why make the team work harder and longer than it has to, right?

Customized Interface

You won’t have to worry about how to integrate the system into your current ministry identity and make it seem seamless. We will actually do all of that for you. Our experts will skin our system with all of your graphics and customize what features of our system you want to take advantage of and which features you don’t. As you may have already found out … one size does not fit all!

The Church At (Part-4 Who Do You Reach Online?)

We asked Dr Alex about the reach of video streaming. He told a cool story that had happened recently. We hear this often its surprising who you reach once you being to broadcast your services live.